Welcome to ITARA where each product is designed in Los Angeles and handmade in Rwanda. 

ITARA means "light" in Kinyarwanda and we are shining forth a sustainable and bright future for Rwandan women.

ITARA's artisans live in a village that was established for widows of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Prior to ITARA, the women had no source of income and would go several days without food or housing for themselves and their families.  After spending over a year learning the trade of sewing, the artisans now have a path forward out of dependence and into a sustainable, confident, and bright future.

Each product is unique and hand crafted by manual powered sewing machines and personalized with an ITARA tag and the artisan's signature.  

100% of all proceeds go directly to the families of ITARA.

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73 KG 22 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda

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